Connect Group



Through the Conversion Experience Retreats (CER), God’s love has touched thousands of people. Often these encounters give us a taste of God’s goodness and awaken a spiritual longing within to know God more intimately. How do we fill that longing and continue to stay connected to God in the midst of the various demands and distractions of life?

Catholics have used various tools and practices through the centuries to develop and deepen their relationship with God. These are called ‘spiritual disciplines’. Similar to other disciplines in fields we are familiar with, like athletics and music, disciplines are essential in any area of life in which we want to grow and become stronger. The cultivating of daily spiritual disciplines is what enables us to grow in our capacity to receive and respond to God’s love in our lives. Connect Group is a 4 session formation experience that takes place after each CER, designed to help us grow in these spiritual disciplines and cultivate our new life in Christ with other like-minded believers. The topics that would be covered include:

  • Session 1 – Christian Community
  • Session 2 – Daily Prayer
  • Session 3 – Bible Reading
  • Session 4 – Servanthood

Who should come for Connect Group?

Post-CER retreatants and anyone seeking to renew or lay a good foundation for lifelong spiritual growth.

What happens at Connect Group?

Connect Group is designed to be a community learning experience. Journey with other post-CER retreatants through practical teaching sessions, accompanied by worship, prayer, group sharing, and capping with food and fellowship!