Week of Guided Prayer

Week of Guided Prayer (CSC Singapore)

Week of Guide Prayer (WoGP): A Retreat in Daily Life


After PER 29: 29 Feb – 7 Mar

After PER 30: 15 – 22 Aug

After PER 31: 17 – 24 Oct



Week of Guided Prayer ( WoGP): A Retreat in Daily Life

Take your Prayer Experience Retreat (PER) experience deeper, by joining this easy, follow-up retreat amidst your daily routine, without using any of your vacation time.

Lasting a week, you will be asked to set aside half hour each day to pray with a suggested Scripture passage at home, or in a quiet place. Then meet with an assigned prayer guide on a one-to-one basis every day during that week (Monday to Friday) at one of the selected church locations near you, to talk about your prayer experience based on the Scripture text given to you the day before. It is a simple yet effective way to deepen your walk with the Lord!

The WoGP kicks off with a Taster Afternoon on a Saturday and ends on the following Saturday afternoon with a Closure session, both held at the Catholic Spirituality Centre.

As this is designed for PER participants in partnership with the Sojourners’ Companions as an optional follow-up, more details will be given at the Prayer Experience Retreat itself.

You can also find out more by visiting the Sojourners’ Companions website at www.sojourners.sg

Week of Guided Prayer for PER #29