Christian Joy – in the Holy Spirit


By Rev Fr William Goh


By Rev Fr William Goh
Set of 3 talks

Talk 1: Christian Joy in the Holy Spirit
During the season of Easter, we are invited to contemplate the true meaning of Christian joy. Sharing in the Easter Joy of the Risen Lord requires us to continuously die to ourselves. Accompanying us and sustaining us in this difficult journey is the Joy of the Holy Spirit, a gift from the Risen Lord.

Talk 2: Christian Joy in Scriptures
Having spoken about the gift of Joy in the Holy Spirit, we are invited to find the secret to this joy that lives in the hearts of the holy men and women in scripture and especially in Christ himself.

Talk 3: Christian Joy in the Lives of the Saints and in our Days
Christian joy is not exclusive to the people of the Old and New Testament. Christian joy lives on in the hearts of the saints. By examining the lives of the saints, we can discover their secret to Christian joy. Like them, we must seek to find true joy, not by escaping from the world, but to find true joy as we live out our family, professional and social lives.