Discernment of Spirits and Extraordinary Phenomena


By Rev Fr William Goh


By Rev Fr William Goh
Set of 5 cds

Talk 1:    Discernment of Spirits

Spiritual direction requires the understanding of how the spirit works in the individual.  The art of discernment requires us to distinguish the various types of spirits and the different forms of spiritual manifestations as to whether they belong to the mystical dimension or otherwise.  A person has his own human spirit.  However at times, he can be under the influence of the divine or diabolical spirits.  The discernment of spirits requires certain presuppositions.

Talk 2:   Discerning the Presence of the Evil Spirit

Besides the Divine Spirit, one can also come under diabolical influence.  Discernment necessitates understanding how the evil spirit works in influencing the individual, either through simple temptation or through obsession of the mind or bodily obsession.  We will study certain guidelines which will help us to distinguish between those obsessions that come from mental and emotional imbalances and those that are manifestations of diabolical influence. Finally, we will consider also the diabolical possession of the person and the means to ward off the power of the devil.

Talk 3:  Discerning the Presence of the Human Spirit

Not all emotional and psychological disorders are due to the work of the evil spirit but could come from a purely human spirit.  One must therefore learn how to distinguish between the diabolical and human spirit.  Without prudence in judging the cause or origin of such spiritual manifestation, we can cause more harm to a person than good.  Some of the extraordinary phenomena actually come from natural causes rather than from the divine or evil spirit.

Talk 4:  Principles for Discernment of Spirits

To guide us in discernment, some principles should be followed, namely, that of understanding the power of the imagination, the emotional and psychological states of the person e.g. sadness, rationalization, excessive austerities, illnesses and the depressive states.  Furthermore not all mystical phenomena might come from God as they could be falsified by the devil.  Thus, it is necessary to determine the causes of extraordinary phenomena whether it is from the devil or from God.

Talk 5:  Discernment of Extraordinary Mystical Phenomena

Some of the principal extraordinary phenomena in the lives of mystics and saints include vision, locutions, revelation, reading of hearts, knowledge of holy things, flames of love, stigmata, visions, tears, bilocation, levitation, sweet odour, incorruptibility.  How should we discern the validity of such genuine mystical phenomenon?