Healing Miracles


By Rev Fr William Goh


By Rev Fr William Goh

Set of 4 cds

1.  The Phenomenon of Healing

The modern intellectuals in this scientific and technological age consider healing services as a return to the magic mentality of the primitive.  When it comes to healing, medicine has replaced miracles these days.  Even in the official Church, the attitude towards miracles is one of reservation and caution.  Yet, stories of healings and miracles abound in scriptures and in the history of the Church.  This talk examines this phenomenon of healing and establishes the basis for healing miracles in the Christian Faith.

2.  The Nature of Healing Miracles

For most faithful, there is no systematic attempt to distinguish healings that are miraculous from those that take place naturally.  What matters is that the person is healed and the fact that Christ has come to heal our ills.  Those in the renewal believe that because the Lord is alive today as in the past, He is still healing us today.  Salvation is always for the entire man, including his body and not just for his soul.  This talk will study the nature of healing miracles.

3.  The Pastoral Approach to the Healing Ministry

What should be our attitude towards healing?  How does the exercise of healing take place?  What are the dispositions necessary for the exercise of the gift of healing and to receive healing?  What is the nature of healing prayers?  What are the Church’s disciplinary norms with regard to the ministry of healing?  These are some of the questions that will be dealt with in this talk.

4.  Verification of Healing Miracles and the Healing Ministry

How can we verify that indeed God has intervened in the healings that have taken place?  In asking this question, we are faced with the difficult task of defining what a miracle is, since the present definition of miracle as an exception to the laws of nature belongs to a culture of medical science different from that as understood by biblical and the ordinary man.  In this situation, to emphasize the importance of scientific verification would be to downplay the importance of the cure as an event that is humanly and spiritually significant.  Still, some verification process is in order as it helps to prevent abuses and credulity.  What then would be the revised criteria to examine the truth of healing miracles?