Holiness through Purification of the Senses and the Spirit


By Rev Fr William Goh


By Rev Fr William Goh
Set of 3 cds

Talk I: Active Purification of the External and Internal Senses
Holiness consists of arriving at an intimate union with God. Winning victory against sin is only the beginning of holiness. Growing in holiness requires that we purify the soul and the body from all imperfections and defects. This entails purifying our external and internal senses, namely, our earthly/sensual passions; the intellect and will through our efforts with the grace of God.

Talk 2: Active Purification Of The Passions, Intellect and Will
Talk 1 dealt with the purification of the external senses. However, because the external senses influence the internal senses, namely, the imagination and the memory, we must also purify these senses as well. Following which, we must then purify our passions. But to attain Christian perfection and holiness, we must reach the depth of one’s spirit by rectifying the deviations of the intellect and will. This talk seeks to explain how the spiritual faculties can also be purified.

Talk 3: Passive Purification
To attain perfection in holiness, one must try to purify his mind and body. However, perfection in holiness is possible only when God Himself purifies us by allowing us to experience extreme spiritual dryness (otherwise known as the Night of the Spirit), and suffer before the presence of God’s holiness because of our sinfulness (Night of the Senses). Such was the experience of Jesus at the cross, when He was separated from His Father on account of our sins