Ignatian Discernment


By Rev Fr William Goh


By Rev Fr William Goh
Set of 2 cds

Talk 1: Rules of Discernment For Making A Right Decision
This talk deals with the basic principles of a prayerful decision-making for a person who wants to make the right choices in life. In order to discover God’s will, certain predispositions are necessary, namely, interior freedom, sufficient self awareness and the courage to act accordingly. Besides the predispositions, we must also understand the principles and methods involved in making a sound and correct decision.

Talk 2: Discernment of Spirits
One of the most important insights which St Ignatius has contributed to our spiritual life is the principle that God is found in all things. However, to be able to detect the presence of God in our lives, we must discern the movement of the Spirit. Since human feelings and thoughts could come either from the human spirit, evil spirit or from God, verifying the source of our feeling is important in purifying our motives. Discerning the characteristics of the Good and Evil spirits is vital in our growth towards holiness.