Justified in Christ


By Rev Fr William Goh


By Rev Fr William Goh
Set of 7 cds

What Happens to the Person who is Justified in Christ? How is it like to be in a state of union with God in Christ?

“For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith—and this not from yourselves, it is the gift of God – not by works, so that no one can boast.” (Eph 2:8-9). Indeed, salvation comes only by our faith in Christ from the hearing of His Word. The righteousness of the law is what we do; righteousness through faith is what Christ does for us. But what is the new state of being in a person who is now justified in Christ?

Talk 1: A ‘Justified’ Person is One Who is in Union with God
Grace, which is given to us by Christ, frees us from sin, and establishes us in an enduring peace and union with God, and with the rest of humanity. This new life in Christ is made possible through the indwelling of God.

Talk 2: A ‘Justified’ Person is One Who is Sanctified and Has Undergone Interior Transformation
Christ’s death and resurrection is God’s declaration that our sins are forgiven. Following the pardon of guilt, we are transformed and healed. This interior renewal results in holiness, made possible by sanctifying grace.

Talk 3: A ‘Justified’ Person Shares in the Divine Nature of God
The idea of “sharing” or participating in the Divine Life is expressed in the bible with the term “image and likeness” (Gen 1:26; 9:6). Clearly, this term suggests both intimacy and yet difference. Through grace we are reborn in the image of the Son, who is the Image of the Father. As a consequence, we are divinised.

Talk 4: A ‘Justified’ Person Shares in the Sonship of Christ and Becomes a Child of God
A ‘Justified’ person reflects the holiness of God because of his union with God. Such an intimate relationship with God is expressed in the terms “Sonship” or “Child of God”.

Talk 5: A ‘Justified’ Person Experiences God as Father
The term “Son” or “Child” suggests an experience of profound natural intimacy with God who is experienced as “Father”

Talk 6: A ‘Justified’ Person Reflects the Indwelling of the Holy Spirit
This talk focuses on the nature of the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, that is, God’s living and active presence in humanity and the world. We discuss how the Holy Spirit is manifested in the history of salvation, particularly in the ministry of Christ and how he continues to manifest himself in the mission of the Church to the world.

Talk 7: A ‘Justified’ Person Reflects the Indwelling of the Holy Trinity
Grace comes about in the indwelling of the Trinity. We consider how human beings, who are children of God in Christ and the dwelling place of the Holy Spirit, are related to the Holy Trinity. What is the nature of this basic profound Christian experience of ‘the indwelling of the Trinity’? What are the implications of encountering the Divine persons?