Liturgy of the Hours (Part 3): Praying the Liturgy of the Hours


By Rev Fr William Goh


By Rev Fr William Goh
Set of 3 cds

The Liturgy of the Hours is the prayer of the Christian people. In the General Instructions on the Liturgy of the Hours, No. 20, it says, “The Liturgy of the Hours, like other liturgical actions, is not something private but belongs to the whole body of the Church, which it manifests and influences.” Vatican II when revising the Divine Office, sought to renew and revitalise all Christian prayer so that it will serve to nourish the spiritual life of the People of God.

In this final of the three-part series on the Liturgy of the Hours, we examine the structure of the various hours of the day, so that we can pray the Hours with the mind and the spirit of the universal Church.

Talk 1 gives an overview of the structure and spirituality of the Liturgy of the Hours.

Talk 2 provides a detailed examination of the structure and composition of each of the hours so that one learns to feel with the flow of the celebration and assimilate the spirit of the liturgy.

Talk 3 provides a brief exposition on how one can pray the psalms meaningfully, especially those that we cannot relate with.