Living A Life of Grace (Part 1) – How Can We Share in the Divine Life? of God


By Rev Fr William Goh


By Rev Fr William Goh
Set of 3 cds

Talk 1: Sharing The Supernatural Life Of God Through Grace
How can we as human beings share in the supernatural life of God? Sharing in the life of God requires the human soul to be elevated by the sanctifying grace of God. Through grace, man shares in the divine life and nature of God. Sanctifying grace unites us with God whereas actual grace enables the soul, in the exercise of its freedom and will, to receive this sanctifying grace. With actual grace, the person is disposed to receive the infused grace and also infused virtues, namely, moral and theological virtues. This talk discusses the foundation of living a virtuous life.

Talk 2: Can One Enjoy Life And Yet Live A Virtuous Life?
To many people, living a virtuous life seems to equate with living a boring life. A virtuous person is perceived as a ‘spoil sport’, one who does not know how to have fun or enjoy life. This is far from the truth. Living a virtuous life is to live our life to the fullest, finding joy and love not just in God, but in all things. Virtues are means to living a life of excellence, in accordance with the gospel of Jesus Christ. According to Catholic Tradition, there are two kinds of virtues, namely, theological and cardinal or moral virtues. These virtues enable us to live a Christ-like life, a life of holiness and perfection. In other words, they enable us to be true to our deepest self, configured to Christ.

Talk 3: Life of Grace is Complete with The Gifts And Fruits Of The Holy Spirit
Infused grace and infused virtues are positive means to grow in holiness. However, the life of grace cannot be lived without the gifts of the Holy Spirit. These gifts are given with sanctifying grace and are necessary for the perfection of the infused virtues. Through the gifts of the Spirit we will produce the fruits of the Spirit through virtuous living. Most of all, the gifts of the Spirit empower us to have a foretaste of the delights of a beatific life in heaven.