Living A Life of Grace (Part 2) – The Theological Virtues: Faith, Hope and Charity


By Rev Fr William Goh


By Rev Fr William Goh
Set of 3 cds

These three talks focus on the theological virtues of faith, hope and love. These virtues pertain to our relationship with God, without which we cannot live a moral life, much less a life of grace. In faith, hope and love, the justified man reaches out towards the Father through Christ in the Holy Spirit. Hence, they are Christian virtues par excellence, as they enable us to orientate our whole life and everything we do and say to God. In the final analysis, only a life that is lived in deep intimacy and union with God and with our fellowmen is worth living.

Talk 1: The Theological Virtue Of Faith
Faith enables us to know God as the First and the Ultimate Principle of life and brings us into a loving relationship with Him. Faith is the foundation of hope and love, so love is the end of faith (1 Thess 1:3; 5:8; Col 1:4f). Faith is the movement towards Jesus Christ and assent to all His teachings brought about by God Himself. So faith is both an intellectual and a personal living encounter.

Talk 2: The Theological Virtue Of Hope
Hope makes us desire God as our supreme happiness. Christ is the fulfillment of Christian hope, for in Him we find our ultimate fulfillment. In Him we grow in trust and surrender because of our experience of the Father’s unconditional fidelity to us. Hope orders us to the future, when we will share in the fullness of life with the Trinity, where we will see Him face to face. As such, it is inextricably bound to faith and love, since it makes possible faith and love. Hope thus enables us to act and live out our relationship with God.

Talk 3: The Theological Virtue Of Charity
Love is a fulfillment of personal existence. Man desires love but he is incapable of authentic love. Through the theological virtue of love, man is freed from himself for himself. From himself, since sin prevents him from realizing his true personal being. For himself, since his true being is realized in love and communion. This presupposes that he is first loved by God. Charity is thus the most excellent of the theological virtues because it unites us most intimately with God. It enables us to love God and to love ourselves and others for the sake of God. Charity unites us with Him by the love of friendship.