Loving God in Return: Drinking the Cup and Accepting Christ’s Values


By Bro Colin Wee


By Bro Colin Wee

What are the psychological and social motivations that influence people to serve?  Are these motivations easily changed, or do they tend to persist as they were?  What dispositions help people to persevere in their desire to serve God, or push them away from the Church?

This talk stresses the indispensable action of God’s grace in developing a Christian vision of what the human person IS and CAN BECOME in answering God’s call to serve our fellowmen.

The talk integrates the significant act of  DRINKING the cup and BREAKING  the bread  (a person’s capacity to go beyond the self so as to know God and freedom to respond) and social psychology ( how and what of a person’s motivational system is disposed to dialogue with God  and to love Him in return).  This inter-disciplinary approach makes possible a deeper evaluation of (i) the nature of our FAITH and (ii) the processes of HUMAN and SPIRITUAL MATURING, which “daily living”   involves.  It touches the interests of those who desire to serve God from a psycho-social viewpoint.