Midlife – A Stage of Re-evaluation


By Bro Broughton


By Bro Broughton
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Couples going through mid-life are wondering what they will do in the next half of their lives.  In our language, crisis has many meanings.   Commonly it connotes potential disaster (the stock market crisis, fire, accident, a life or death situation — serious illness, etc).  The “crisis of limits” is a transition experience in mid-life.  As we know, mid-life crisis is a developmental crisis, a stage in life-cycle when individuals have considerable difficulties meeting the demands of that particular period.  They often find their present life structure intolerable but they are unable to form better ones.

If one person begins to develop plans or interests significantly different from his or her spouse, the couple must guard against letting these differences pull them apart.  In Singapore, the problem of the life-cycle squeeze occurs at a particular stage when they are coping with – lost dreams, diminishing energy, loneliness (especially when teenagers are “leaving home”).  These parents must cope with a child’s declaration of independence and are likely to suffer from emotional rather than physical fatigue.

Many say mid-life crisis poses dangers because it implies high risk and threatens to overwhelm the individual.  But it also offers opportunities because it presents a challenge to grow and to change in some way for the better.

This talk touches on:

– the 7 major themes of the midlife experience

– affairs during mid life

– the 6 facets of life review

– understanding the psychological “push” and “pull” factors in a marriage

– suggestions for counselling persons in mid-life crisis