Mission As Obligation


By Rev Fr William Goh


By Rev Fr William Goh
Set of 2 cds

Talk 1:    The Necessity of Mission

Why must we preach Christ if having faith and belonging to the Church is not necessary for salvation?  More specifically, why make missionary efforts?  Is mission today reduced to mere Inter-Religious dialogue?  This talk  examines the origin, foundation and meaning of Mission; and why the Church remains necessary for salvation.

Talk 2:   The Nature of the Mission of the Church

The Church’s mission to proclaim Christ as the Good News and Saviour of Humanity remains on obligation.  How is this mission carried out? The Church is called to enter into dialogue with the whole world through proclamation, inculturation, liberation and human promotion.  Such proclamation is to be done with open-mindedness and humility as a service to witness to the truth and to the mission of love. In a special way, she is called to dialogue with non-Christian religions as well.