New Evangelization


By Rev Fr William Goh


By Rev Fr William Goh
Set of 3 cds

Talk 1:  What is the New Evangelization?

The command to proclaim the Gospel to all nations remains an urgent responsibility of all Christians.  The Church exists to proclaim the Gospel of the Kingdom of God and above all, the person of Jesus Christ to all of Humanity.  Evangelization permeates every aspect of the Church’s life but in a special way, it seeks to proclaim Christ to those who have not yet known Him.   However, many of our Catholics have strayed away from the Church and are simply living a nominal faith, reducing faith merely to an observance of rituals and practices instead of a living relationship with Christ and His Church.  A New Evangelization is therefore critical to revitalize and to reawaken the faith of our Catholics so that they can be evangelizers.  What does the New Evangelization entail?

Talk 2:   The Way to Proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ

What does it mean to transmit the gospel of Jesus Christ?  Very often, the proclamation of the gospel is reduced to the transmission of doctrinal and moral teachings of the Church.  This would be a reductionism and make Christianity into another ideology.  The gospel is concerned with the transmission of a person, Jesus Christ, the Living and Efficacious Word of God.  The goal of the transmission ultimately is to bring about a personal encounter with Jesus the Risen Lord in the Spirit, thereby leading to an experience of the Father’s love and mercy.  How can this be done?

Talk 3:  Initiating Non-Believers into the Faith

To come to know Christ personally, non-believers must first be given an initial experience of Him.  The stark reality in our times is that a secular and rationalistic climate poses a great challenge to share the message of Christ with those seeking to know God.  The materialistic and atheistic culture of our days also hinders people from hearing God speaking to them or encountering Him.  Then again, how effective is our current Christian Initiation in bringing seekers of the gospel to come to know Christ personally?  This talk takes a look at the ways we could initiate people into the Christian experience.