Theology of Death


By Rev Fr William Goh


By Rev Fr William Goh
Set of 3 cds

Talk 1: The Christian Vision of Death as the Key to Life
Science and technology can improve the material life of humanity, but in the face of death, they are powerless. Society either seeks to hide death, or trivializes it by reducing it to an ordinary biological-psychological process, thereby robbing it of the spiritual dimension. As man is not simply a material being but also a spiritual being, death becomes the key to defining what man really is. Repression and trivialization not only dehumanizes death but life itself. Thus, it is urgent that we examine what Revelation has to tell us about the meaning of death in the context of immortality and the resurrection of the body.

Talk 2: Dealing with Death as a Christian
Death affects the whole person, not simply the body. As Christians, what attitudes should we have towards death? Do we treat death as the enemy, or should we embrace Sister Death as our companion at the end of our life? This talk will examine the psycho-spiritual dimension and the Christocentric perspective of death.

Talk 3: The Significance of the Final Moment of Death
At the end of our journey in life, there is no possibility of return because death is the final consummation of life. Our last moment is thus a moment of great significance; it is our final chance to freely decide, once and for all, whether we are for, or against, God. But can a person at the threshold of death exercise free decision, since by then he is often unconscious or helpless? Or will he be given a special illumination by God so that the act of death is personal and free?