Theology of Faith – Faith Under Challenge Today


By Rev Fr William Goh


By Rev Fr William Goh
Set of 4 cds

Talk 1: The Crisis Of Faith
Faith is in question today. It is not that our beliefs are being challenged but rather, the very act of faith, that is, the “what” and “why” of faith. The gulf between faith and experience has led to the present crisis of faith. Yet faith is very much a part of our human constitution, without which human existence is not tenable.

Talk 2: The Dual Dimension Of Faith: Trust And Knowledge
Faith demands a total response of man to God. A total act of faith involves the dimensions of knowledge, trust, submission, communion and hope. Faith is trusting that God is reliable, and embracing the Christian message as revealed to us by Christ. Far from being an intellectual engagement, faith involves an existential surrender of the whole person in obedience to God and his commands.

Talk 3: The Act Of Faith: How Does One Come To Believe?
Faith is a gift from God. It is an act, a voluntary acceptance of what we do not see, but trust in its certainty. Is it irresponsible to make an act of faith in something that we do not see? Why are some unable to make the act of faith? This talk will consider the subjective and psychological dimensions of faith.

Talk 4: The Personal Dimension of Faith
People today are not easily convinced by doctrines unless they can link their experience of God with their daily life. For them, faith must therefore be at once existential, experiential and personal. Accordingly, it calls for an inter-personal relationship of love and dialogue between God and the individual, one that is built on trust and commitment. Such a relationship requires a complete conversion and commitment to the person of Christ. This commitment is then expressed concretely in obedience to what God has revealed to us in Christ, which is lived out in one’s daily life.