Understanding Marian Apparitions


By Rev Fr William Goh


By Rev Fr William Goh
Set of 4 cds

Talk 1: Are Prophetic Visions Possible?
The theology of private revelations, also termed as prophetic visions, is an important area in spiritual life as it exerts great influence in the life of the church and the individuals. However, there is always the danger of credulity and hence the majority of alleged apparitions have been repudiated by ecclesiastical authority. This first talk will consider the possibility of such private revelations and also the psychology of visions.

Talk 2: How Do We Know if a Vision is Authentic?
Most visions are imaginative, rather than corporeal in nature. How can one discern whether such visions are genuine? This talk gives some criteria for discerning such visions. It also gives an exposition on the psychological process of how such visions occur in the mind.

Talk 3: Judgement on Visions and Apparitions
That the Church permits the spread of some private revelations, eg. the revelation of the Sacred Heart to St Margaret Mary Alacoque and Divine Mercy to St Faustina, means that these are authentic. What then are the criteria used by the Church to authenticate such visions and apparitions?

Talk 4: The Significance of Private Revelations for the Faith of the Church
Must Catholics accept all private revelations and visions that have been approved by the Church? What kind of faith or assent is required with respect to the authenticated visions? Most of all, do visions have doctrinal value for Church teachings, or are they merely aids to our spiritual life?