Understanding the Letters of St Paul


By Rev Msgr Eugene Vaz


By Rev Msgr Eugene Vaz
Set of 3 cds

Talk 1:
a) The key to Pauline Theology

In order to understand and appreciate the message of St Paul in his various letters it is very important that we have the key to the understanding of St Paul’s Theology.
b) Paul’s Gospel
In his letters St Paul speaks of “the good news of Jesus Christ”. In general it designates Paul’s own personal presentation of the Christ-event. In this talk we try to pick out what is at the heart of the theology of St Paul and also examine his presentation of “the good news of Jesus Christ”.

Talk 2: God & His plan of Salvation History
Paul saw the gospel as part of a plan gratuitously conceived by God for a new form of human salvation to be revealed and realised in his Son. In this talk we see how Paul perceives and develops this plan of God. We also come to appreciate the role of Jesus Christ in this plan of salvation.

Talk 3: Effects of the Christ-Event and Our Spiritual Life for Today
When St Paul looked back at the moments of the earthly and risen life of Jesus Christ, he realised what Christ Jesus had accomplished for humanity and he spoke of the effects of that accomplishment. In this talk we go through the ten different images Paul uses to describe the effects of this accomplishment of Jesus Christ.