Most Rev William Goh D.D

Most Rev William Goh D.D is President of the Catholic Spirituality Centre (CSC) and was appointed as the 4th Archbishop of the Roman Catholic Church in Singapore in 2012. He took over as the Spiritual Director of CSC in 2004 before taking office as Archbishop in 2013.

In his time as Spiritual Director, he established the Centre’s vision and mission, which continues to shape its programmes and activities today.

In Dec 2005, he conducted the first Conversion Experience Retreat in CSC, and thereafter, the Youth Conversion Experience Retreat in 2010 which has gone on to touch the lives of many Catholics young and old. Today, the CER remains one of the centre’s most iconic retreats and will be entering its 70th run by end 2020.

His Grace, Archbishop William, continues to influence the Centre’s mission as its President and still conducts the CER several times throughout the year.

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Spiritual Director

Msgr Peter Zhang C.D.D.

Board of Directors

  • Chairman: Raymundo Yu
  • Vice Chairman: Francis Lee
  • Secretary: Sharen Goh
  • Treasurer: Jeremiah Yeu Ling Hong
  • Member: Cecilia Koh
  • Member: Cheryl Anne Goh
  • Member: Joyce Wong Yu Mei

Executive Director

Mr Jerome Chang