Youth and Young Adult Community

Youth and Young Adults Community

We’re a youth and young adult community desirous to live our lives authentically as a Christian disciple and on a mission to … make, mature and multiple disciples of Jesus. Our members are invited to be a part of the greater community, and also smaller, close-knit Discipleship Groups to grow together as brothers and sisters in Christ.

A discipleship group leader facilitates deep conversations and sharing in their discipleship groups. Besides this, the discipleship group leader looks out for how his/her members are doing in their different state of lives as well, to challenge and spur them in faith and prayer.

The production team is a team that uses audio visuals to aid in supporting the program. To us, we recognise how the screen, lights and sound together impact the audience to bring different aspects of the program alive. The goal of our team is to fade into the background and allow you to connect without realising we are here. This seamless experience not only captivates but leaves you with a lasting impact.

Using songs and music to help people experience and encounter the love of God. We feel like music can be a powerful instrument to minister, pray and empower others in their journey towards Christ! Our hope for the team is to grow their desire for and relationship with God through song, instrumentation and prayer. We also love to be a fun team where we all have fun praising the Lord.

Putting together and managing our various programmes to help ensure a smooth running of the programmes that allow attendees to enjoy and experience the best out of a session!

Creating conducive environments that will allow attendees to immerse themselves into the experience each session.

By simple small actions such as cleaning up the room, or decorating the place, the Environment Team hopes to help set the atmosphere in the room and thus support the session, allowing people to fully receive and meet Jesus!

Welcomes people and build connections, to make community comfortable and safe for all who come. The Hospitality Team hopes to be the bridge that connects like-minded individuals with common interests, and help the community be more hospitable and welcoming.

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